Training Rates

Rate Sheet
(Effective January, 2022)

Training Programs:

Full Training (4 sessions/week)      $1200/month (Board not included in training rate)
3/4 Training (3 sessions/week)        $900/month (Board not included in training rate)


Facility offers oversized stalls, grass turnouts, lighted indoor arena, jump field, and dressage arena. Haul ins welcome for lessons.

Included for Horses in Training:

• Sessions refer to training sessions (ride and/or ground work by trainer) or lessons. Additional sessions will be charged per lesson rates below.
• Handling for Vet and Farrier during business hours Monday-Friday 7am-4pm. Farrier and Vet fees are the responsibility of the owner. Pura Vida Sporthorse  will NOT pay for these services. Clients are required to pay for the services at the time of the service or will be invoiced directly by the Vet or Farrier.
• Other Services including Medicating (exceptions will be discussed as needed).
• Additional charges may apply for Stallions or horses requiring special handling.

Lesson Services Provided at Archer Farms (Dressage Only)
Lessons include both rides by the trainer, instruction, or a combination of the two.

Private Dressage Lesson (45 minutes)                                         $100
Haul in Fee for Mystic Pond Farm                                                $10 per day


Remote Lessons and Clinic Rates

Remote Lessons (within 30 miles of Gainesville)                   $100 plus travel time
                                                                                                                $25 an hour travel fee


Monthly charges for training and other incidental services are due on the First Day of Each Month. Training activities will be stopped if payment has not been made in full by the 15th day of the month, unless prior arrangements have been made with the TRAINER. A billing fee of 5% of the total amount due will be added to any balances not paid after 30 days of the billing date, and will continue to be added to the total owed to TRAINER for every 30 days the balance remains unpaid.

Horse Show Rates (per day):

Daily show rate for trainer (1 client or split between 2 clients)                  $200/day
Daily show rate for trainer (more than 2 clients)                                            $100/day/client
Trailering per horse (includes time)                                                                    $1.00/mile
Travel Time (not trailering, to be divided equally among clients)              $25/hour
Braiding. Paid to braider.                                                                                          Braider Rate
Day Care (only stall cleaning, water/feed)                                                          $25.00/ day
Groom (including stall cleaning, water/feed, etc.)                                            $60.00/ day
Lodging, Meals and Misc. for Trainer during show                                         Per show


For overnight shows: Stall as charged per show. Trainer accommodations and meals to be divided equally among clients. Bedding, tack room, misc., will be divided equally among clients per horse.

Marketing for Sale:

Sale Commission – % of final sale price                                                10%
Sale Commission on consignment – % of final sale price                20%
Split Sale Commission – % of final sale price                                      7.5%
Sale Video (including filming, editing, production)                         $150/first video
Sale Video Updates                                                                                    $50/update
Listing on the Rancho Pura Vida Website                                          Included
Listing on other internet sale web pages – Text ads                       $50/month
Listing on other internet sale web pages – Picture ads    Site Charge
(in addition to Text Ad cost)


NOTE: If you would like to discuss these rates with us, please do not hesitate to call.